pregnancy worry is your baby kicking enough

 In pregnancy for a first time mum baby starts to  kick around 5 months into the pregnancy. In subsequent pregnancies mums can feel baby kick earlier.Its starts of as a fluttering in the stomach at first it may get missed as “oh its just wind”.  baby gains weight inside the womb and starts to grow more defined kicks can certainly be felt.As the pregnancy continues these become much more powerful even to be known that dads get kicked out of bed by baby.A little foot may prod upwards and mum can start to see what looks like a little hand or foot as baby moves around and changes position. As baby increases in size the room inside is much less as baby starts to fill the whole space inside the uterus.

Now for the worrying part you may not have thought of before.Its quite easy to discuss the risks of Cot Death and Cancer but it’s too much of a Taboo subject to approach the signs to look out for in such as late Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Neonatal Death.

By looking after your self in pregnancy and watching out for anything that doesn’t seem just quite right can put your mind at ease by contacting your midwife straight away. get used to your own baby as he or she moves around inside the 10 kicks a day isn’t a good method to use in every pregnancy as all babies are different . monitor your self the times baby seems quiet or moves around a lot and if theses suddenly decrease at all again contact your midwife.When 17 babies die each day due to stillbirth or shortly after birth its a high statistic isn’t it? Looking after your self in pregnancy is vital. You cannot prevent a death of baby completely but you can make it easier to notice any worries and report them straight away at your antenatal appointments.

Here’s what else you can do you keep an eye on your health and baby too during pregnancy

  1. never miss any appointment whether its an antenatal scan or consultant.
  2. have all blood and urine tests the Midwifes requires of you at the sign of any problem don’t avoid them due to being in panic mode.
  3. Avoid infections such as Listeria, Salmonella, and Toxoplasmosis.Avoid cat feaces, Cook chicken thoroughly and so on.
  4. report any abnormal bleeding.

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