Pregnancy signs and symptoms am I pregnant hints!

Pregnancy signs and symptoms pregnant hints!

This month we are covering pregnancy, tests,high risk pregnancy and complications.

Today we look at Signs and symptoms that give more than just a hint that you could be pregnant.If you suspect a pregnancy always consult your doctor for further confirmation and regular antenatal visits to keep a check on you and the baby.Ah well you never know you could be expecting Twins awww !.

  • Missed period
  • a urine pregnancy test that comes back possitive (a negative test can sometimes show up negative but can mean the pregnancy is too early yet to diagnose) but a possitive pregnancy test will always be possitive.
  • A blood tests that detects the pregnancy hormone HCG as the pregnancy becomes established, as the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterus wall.
  • Tiredness mood changes.
  • Morning sickness,or feeling sick at anytime of the day too.
  • Can’t stand certain smells,different tastes.
  • Breast changes,Tender ,enlarged ,area around nipple can go darker.
  • frequent trips to the loo more urination.This does continue in pregnancy as the uterus presses on the bladder.

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