pregnancy scans should I be worried about them

As this months topic is pregnancy today’s focus is scans and are they something to worry about.

As technology improves so does the closer up images scan details reveal.

Before a scan you can be asked to drink a pint of fluid to give the a much clearer image of baby.You may find it uncomfortable as you shouldn’t empty your bladder before the scan.Then its  a dash to the loo for quick relief afterward the scan is completed.

You have some gel squirted onto your tummy then a doppler tool is moved across your tummy back and forth to see the position baby is lying in. The picture can be seen on the screen and although you may not be able to see a baby clearly depening how far along you are will see the heart beat fluttering giving you peace of mind that yes there is a baby there. 

You may have a couple of scans in pregnancy to see how the pregnancy is progressing and to check measurements of baby to see if they coincide with a due date .Scans also detect detailed images of fetal anomalies to such as blocked kidneys,birth defects. its not a scan just to see if baby is a boy or a girl although they may tell you around the 20 week scan,if baby is lying in a good position They will also tell you it is not an absolute definite too..

One important thing to bear in mind is should a fetal anomaly be detected such as down syndrome it is your right and you do not have to have any more scans if you dont want to.When bad news is given pressure can be put onto a mum to be  terminate before the 24 week. 

1st scan in pregnancy, the Dating scan or viable pregnancy scan: during first trimester varies per hospital between 7-14 weeks gestation of pregnancy. Gives an idea when baby is due can detect in threatened miscarriages if baby’s heart beat is still beating,if baby has passed away or other problems such as ectopic pregnancies in cases of bleeding and pain. In this scan the sonographer looks for the gestational sac detected from 5 weeks into the pregnancy.Scan reveals Fetal heartbeat detected from 6 weeks.Measures Crown to rump of baby for an estimated due date of delivery.The first anomaly scan can reveal certain anomalies this scan looks at Nuchal translucency test and nasal bone scan.

2nd scan in pregnancy Fetal Anomaly screening scan between 18-23 weeks gestation.
Using a 10 point system the sonographer will record measurements of growth and development of baby. The Scan will look at the Head, Spine, Chest,Heart, Stomach, Abdomen,Bladder,Limbs,Sex of baby, Activity in womb and baby’s behaviour. The Scan also checks the activity and placing of Placenta, Cord function and Amniotic Fluid.

Standard : a 2 dimentional black and white image

level 2 : When a possible fetal anomaly may be present this scan is more target to look closer for the anomalies

level 3: a more detailed scan when cardiac heart conditions may be present.

3D: a 3d picture of baby

 4D: an extension to the normal 2d scans. Some companies offer this private service a 3d scan taken over time reveals a much more study of baby’s well being in greater detail.put altogether into a DVD the pictures look like baby’s is moving in real time lifelike views of baby moving inside.


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