pregnancy overdue terrified of membrane sweep

pregnancy overdue terrified of membrane sweep.

In the case of a pregnancy going over due the doctor may advice you to have a membrane sweep.

In other countries it is also known as membranes stripped,membrane stretch and sweep,cervical sweep.

The procedure  involves the midwife or doctor placing a finger just inside the cervix and making a circular, sweeping movement.It  separates the membranes from the cervix. Membrane sweeping increases the chances of labour starting naturally within 48 hours and can therefore reduce the need for other methods of induction of labour.

Your most worry questions answered…

Does having a membrane sweep hurt? 

  • The procedure can be¬†uncomfortable.
  • Some women start off in labour shortly¬†thats when the pain can start.
  • It feels like you are having a smear done only with a huge baby bump in front of you.

Does having a membrane sweep work in that it starts of labor?

  • It can do and in some mums it doesnt only your body knows.(I personally had 3 for 3 overdue pregnancies and only¬†1 instance¬†worked).
  • They may¬†try¬† again a week later.

I’ve heard you bleed after a membrane sweep¬†is this normal?


  • The may be a show or slight bleed afterwards.

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