pregnancy at 20 weeks pregnant what does baby look like

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pregnancy at 20 weeks pregnant what does baby look like

pregnancy last40-42 weeks gestation and if you are wondering what your baby would look like in the womb here is a great website that shows pregnancy week by week close up and personal.It is one of the very best for showing the smallest detail  on how your pregnancy progress changes from week to week.

what does baby look like  if it was born at 20 weeks.

Sadly babies at 20 weeks cannot make it if born alive at  20 weeks gestation. technology hasn’t improved yet in making vein sized tubes to fit inside the tender body of a baby born this early.babies born at 23 week are only just surviving because little blood vessels can hurt in the brain and the immaturity of some of babies organs are only just starting to work,baby is vulnerable as it no longer has the protection of the womb until they fully mature.

  • babies born at 20 weeks  weighing under 500 grams.
  • delivery of baby at 20 weeks baby has a slender body darker skin complexion.
  • fragile to the touch so tiny under 30 cms in length.
  • born at 20 weeks a wedding ring can fit on the slender arm of baby.

we  have a Pinterest board with premature babies born alive and thriving born 22-25 weeks of pregnancy

see here some of the pictures

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