pregnancy abnormality is my baby at risk DOWN SYNDROME ?

pregnancy abnormality is my baby at risk WITH Down syndrome?

Downs Syndrome Trisomy 21

(my child’s beautiful smile with trisomy 21 downs syndrome)

Pregnancy screening for Downs Syndrome

Your pregnancy ,Your choice.

Did you know you can answer questions at your antenatal visits to give the consultants and midwife past history and heath conditions that run in the family,but you do not have to have the invasive tests for Downs Syndrome such as an amniocentesis.If the blood tests has come back after the non invasive screening tests you do not have to sit down and discuss amniocentesis test . You tend to go into patient mode and do what the doctors say but as my Cousin who is also a nurse told us she said I got a telephone call to say I had a high risk of downs syndrome can you come into tomorrow for an appointment.

As she attended the appointment with her husband¬†she was told to lie down whilst they did the amnio test there and then totally shocked she stopped and¬†said “hang on a minute with an amnio test¬† there is a risk of miscarriage, should you not be looking at other tests first such as a 13 point scan? then she went into her nurse mode and refused the test. She was glad she did as baby was born healthy with no Down Syndrome condition.

What is Down syndrome or trisomy 21

A woman in pregnancy may find that the baby that is growing in the womb could have an extra chromosome, a condition known as trisomy 21.

Children with Down Syndrome can go onto to education in main stream or special schools,can enter into higher education,employment form relationships and have their own independence later in life. Occupational therapists and dietitians can help with issues such as nutrition and educational support.

Downs Syndrome Will my baby be born different?

A baby with Downs syndrome will have certain physical characteristics seen from birth such almond eye shape smaller chin,a thicker larger tongue,unusually round face as physical growth, problems with Cognitive skills with mild to moderate disabilities.

Down syndrome health concerns include a higher risk for congenital heart defects, gastroesophageal reflux disease,numerous ear infections that may lead to hearing loss, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid dysfunctions or obesity.

medical staff may prompt a pregnant woman to have an abortion or termination in some cases of Downs Syndrome.The pressure is often put onto parents to end the pregnancy early to stop any suffering.Remember as parents you put your trust into the medical staff so you think it has to be right or they wouldn’t say so? but what if the diagnosis was wrong or it turns out its only a very mild form! Mum does not have to accept a termination and being rushed into a decision when emotions are all over the place this is why medical staff push for it to go a head quickly usually before 24 weeks.MUM can legally say no! and opt for baby to pass away naturally after birth if baby is severely ill or go onto to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

it is a better option, the termination would involve having a needle pass through the women’s stomach direct into baby’s heart. The baby does feel it and baby kicks can be felt by mum as it wriggles to get free.As a lady told us only last week (Dec 2011).The needle contents is to stop the baby’s heart beat prior to delivery which the surgeon would have to do in order to end the pregnancy early.The baby would have to be killed in the womb so it is born dead before labour can be induced.When mum decides to let nature take its course mum is carefully monitored for the rest of the pregnancy.
 Where can I get more information and further support on down syndrome or trisomy 21 for Down Syndrome Scotland Down Syndrome International DSA Down Syndrome Association¬†a charity offering support and information relating to heart conditions associated with Down’s Syndrome.

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