Pregnancy tips for the daddies

This weeks blog posts topic is on pregnancy. Today we look at the dads role to support the wife throughout the pregnancy and birth.Plus top 5 fun jobs for dads to be.

Well dad you have done your bit your wife is pregnant she will go through the labour pains hard work and you have to put up with the screams and shouts as you hold her hand at the birth.
What else is in store for you know that you are going to be a daddy in the near future.
Lets take a look.
1. Hormone changes in your partner she ill moan,groan,cry and you may have to pick up the pieces to be there, to comfort her, support her ,not nag her and caress her when she is troubled by weired dreams etc in the night.
2. As her baby grows so will her trips to the loo and in the night time so don’t be surprised if she disturbs your much needed sleep.
3. The midwife will want you to join in antenatal classes too you can’t get out of it you need to know how to care for your baby.
4.As baby gets ready to be born at full term, mum will hardly get any sleep tossing and turning and then she will wake you as she tries so hard to get comfy. Its natures way of getting used to midnight feeds and nappy changes when you are half a sleep too.
5.The birth the most important to be there as she delivers your baby.
Top 5 jobs for the dad to be!
1.Buying the baby products and clothes, spending your well earned cash.
2.Running aound like a headless chicken trying to find pickled gurkeins or another pregancy craving at 2am in the morning.
3. Painting and decorating the baby’s room or nursery.
4.Rubbing your partners back during delivery or nodding off in the chair during the many long hours of labour and delivery.
5. immediately After the birth,wetting the babys head at your local pubs with your mates.

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