preemie babies feeding problems help my premature baby

premature baby feeding

preemie babies feeding problems help my premature baby bottle feeding issues

dear Cheeky Chums my baby boy was born premature at 36 weeks a few days ago the nurses tried him with a bottle but he wont feed its been 3 days now what will happen? they put a feeding tube in his nose its so upsetting to see?

Its quite common for premature babies under 37 weeks to not feed straight away they have had a lazy time in the womb just growing and haven’t needed to suck until birthday.

Over the next few days don’t be surprised if they also alternative feeding with a bottle to just topping up with a syringe of milk alternating as baby may seem more tired inbetween.The sucking reflex kicks in at 37 weeks so in no time at all he will gradually take more at each feed until he no longer needs topping up. The nursing staff will also check bloods regulary and do any tests if he still seems to struggle and providing he feeds he can have the tube taken out ready for going home.


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