pound for prems giving a piece of your love

“Tiny Lives” The Neonatal Service at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne looks after newborn babies
from all over the north of England. look after approx 600 newborn babies every year, and up to 30 can be with them at any one time. Tiny Lives supports this work.
Tiny lives help premature babies in special care in numerous ways some important help included…
1. Tiny Lives funded some time from a specialist physiotherapist to enhance the quality of developmental care for babies to receive.
2.Some babies are far from home and may have financial difficulty. Tiny Lives helps us to go some way to helping parents with these costs.
3.In the past funds such as Tiny Lives provided much of the equipment that is now regarded as standard. Whilst this is now mostly provided by the NHS there are occasions when “extra” funds help the hospital to stay at the cutting edge of technology.
4. A grant allowed the unit to buy valuable clothes for the babies in special care purchased from Cheeky Chums premature baby superstore.

All donations of whatever size, work to improve the quality of care given to ill or premature babies in the Special Care Baby Unit of the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital today and in the future.
Cheeky Chums have now set up a pound for prem page offering two valuable ways of giving your love back to the hospital to care for more premature and sick tiny babies see the new section here or choose neonatal, premature or scbu baby clothes here from the main website

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