planning stillborn baby funeral gently


planning stillborn baby funeral gently what’s best for you

here are  ideas that you can do at your stillborn baby’s funeral service. you can be different its your choice.

  1. get a family member to write a prayer
  2. someone can sing a favourite song at the front of the church.
  3. have a over head projector with baby scan pics photos to remember babys special day.
  4. play a baby related cd to honour baby’s memory either at the church as people enter the building or at the wake afterwards.
  5. have a photo of baby onto the order of service and give out to each person who attends as a loving keepsake reminder.
  6. release two doves in the air and recite a poem, many websites offer this service its really special.
  7. have a bunch of individual flowers in buckets so each person who attends baby’s funeral service can lay one gently on baby’s coffin before they leave the church or crematorium.

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