Planning a preterm baby loss funeral How ? 5 useful tips

Daisies and rainbow against the skyPlanning a preterm baby funeral where to start 5 useful tips

Our baby bereavement articles covers the different types of funeral services you can have for your baby that was delivered before 24 weeks, plus  the meantime here are some tips for organizing the baby’s funeral service.

  1. Who will plan the funeral mum or dad of the baby a relative or close friend. once you have decided let them sort everything but liaise with the parents for what they want first and foremost ie burial or cremation when ? etc
  2. Do not be pushed into rushing the funeral, in tradition people expect a fast funeral within a week or so but sometimes it takes longer to plan if the mum hasn’t even seen baby if she was ill at the time or something.Plus if baby had as autopsy it takes time for baby to go to the funeral directors so no rush in the parents own time!
  3. once you have written downs the parents instructions make a list of things to do and get help if its you as a parent planning the funeral. your emotions will be everywhere you may forget things so go back to the list and get a friend to help you. tell everyone the details a good idea when everything is confirmed with the funeral director is to send a text to all with the date time and venues on so you don’t spend too much time doing it individually.
  4. Make sure you know who’s coming and there are enough cars for lifts to the church etc get a friend to arrange these last details.
  5. make a list too, of who needs paying and when its been done so you don’t forget anyone.
  6. and take time after the funeral to grieve, even if it includes not answering the phone and leaving a short message on the answering machine for everyone to hear and respect your may need at least 2 weeks to come round after all the planning.


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