plan a premature baby funeral weighs 3lb what to dress her in

plan a premature baby funeral weighs 3lb what do you dress her in?

One of the toughest decisions I’ll have to make is organising a baby’s funeral where do you start.

if mum and dad said can you do it all for them you may want to start by asking her if she has any preferences in what her baby girl will wear ? will it be a dress short with knickers to match ? or a long white gown or something less formal like a complete colourful outfit?

when baby was born premature and was doing so well and then sadly passed away when they were 3 pounds in weight finding that perfect outfit can be hard to locate for this premature baby size.

so what do you dress them in she’s decided she wants something pretty that’s precious that’s so special for the most important day she will have and all you can find at the local shops are baby grows.

One business has solved this problem for families when their premature baby has passed away quite suddenly.

one of their brands it’s called Something Precious it’s baby bereavement clothes in the most tiny sizes ever. stunning outfits beautiful dresses adorable girls burial gowns in soft fabrics.

Comfortable outfits that you won’t find anywhere else.something precious also have the unusual accessories for baby’s funeral service such as tiny little socks with trimmings nappies micro sized teddy bears and snuggly warm blankets for the casket. keeping baby company and warm throughout the coming months especially during the colder months. No baby should have to feel cold in their final resting ground.

black was popular for an adult funeral service, but you are celebrating a precious life of a baby that wasn’t e on earth for very long so rainbow colours would be a wonderful idea or white tops that are a symbol of purity and innocence.

one family choose purple and on the day it was a ray of purple tops ties and blouses with black skirts or trousers.

you could also pick the funeral flowers for the baby coffin to go with the clothing colours too.

planning the music for a baby funeral click here to see some ideas that other parents used for their baby burial service or cremation.

will anybody say a few words like an aunty or uncle it may take the pressure of the parents who could be too chocked up to speak. you can also use any of these specially written baby loss poems too instead.

a loving gesture is to get the order of service printed out and given to each guest as a keepsake .you could have a picture of baby printed on the front with dates born died and a poem inside too

there are also other things to organise to for the funeral event such as the wake… its like a small gathering after the church or crematorium service for family members and a few friends to get together. there could be drinks and sandwiches etc and a chance to say a few comforting words to the parents in a less formal church setting.



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