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This weeks topic is parenting today we look at Parenting a newborn and getting it right from the start. I shall be fucusing on popular problems and how you can make life easier on yourselves,struggles with a newborn in the house for first time parents.

first things first even someone with experience in rearing children can get it wrong, its what you do to stay focused as a family that makes you a better parent by learning from your mistakes, adapating to any problem with determination.  Possitve parenting aqquiring new skills to help raise a happy child.

QUESTION 1 my mum is so overpowering she is staying with us for 2 weeks. I’ve been home with my newborn 2 days and she is taking over,she tells me how to hold my baby, feed him this time dont let him go down for a sleep yet and has now brought a nanny in too what shall I do I dont want to offend her but its my baby.

ANSWER 1 If you feel you do not want a nanny tell her. Ask mum to help with chores as it would be a great help so you can learn youself to understand the different crys your baby has to determine your babys needs and wants.Take advantage of restimes whilst your mum is staying so she still can help care for baby this could be her time she can hold and cuddle baby but when awake its your turn as a mum.Be firm,but give your mum a big hug and a kiss to show she is very much appreciated.

QUESTION 2 Ive been home 2 weeks I’m so tired can I put baby in bed with me so I can get a good rest at night in between feeds.

ANSWER 2 Remember the last few weeks of your pregnancy when it was hard turning over, sleepless nights,tossing and turning? it was your bodys way of getting you used to waking in the night to feed your baby.Putting baby in bed may seem the least exhausting way of getting sleep but babies can die! we DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS, not only can you or your partner roll over and suffocate baby but you will develop bad habits and find you’ll do this until a toddler or longer and then its too late to break a bad habit without causing stress and upset after baby has slept wih you for so long.(one mum slept on couch and child slept on chair at up until 5 year old and child would not go to his own bed.)

QUESTION 3 My baby keeps screaming and won’t settle he keeps jumping in his sleep and won’t have longer than 10 mins a time he waves his arms all over the place he is 5 days old. 

ANSWER 3 He needs to whats called swaddled.Newborn babies have a startled reflex action.Back in the past up to the 17th century babies didnt have clothes like today they were swaddled with sheets wrapped around them securely although this was their clothing method back then as a baby has spent so much time in the womb, being outside can feel daunting for them swaddling in a cotton sheet will settle him off to sleep in no time. ask if your midwife if you are unsure how to do this she will show you.

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