Orphanage takes onboard 3 tiny premature baby triplets

last week we heard of a plight to quickly help dress some tiny premature baby triplets that arrived unexpectedly at an orphanage in Tanzania called Neema House.Clare and the team will offer much needed support to the mum as she stays with them for the first few weeks after giving birth.

We are busily trying to get orders made and sent out to them that will actually fit these gorgeous yet very little baby girls.Triplet one is Deborah at a tiny 1.18kilos, 2.6lbs.Triplet two is Esther weighing slightly bigger at 1.54 kilos, 3.7lbs.and the third triplet Anna, weighs even more than that at 1.75kilos, 3.7lbs.

One thing we are going to make sure they have, as seen in the pictures is much needed tiny baby nappies .

Today we heard some upsetting news that one triplet needed extra care and a stay in the NICU after being sent from hospital to the orphanage .in the Poorer countries like Tanzania these funds have to be met by someone and one aid stepped up to donate.

The tiny triplet baby Deborah when weighed on Sunday was 1.18kgs, this is a very dramatic weight loss for such a tiny baby. She also had a dangerously low temperature of only 32.4degrees, normal should be around 36 and an infected rash across her tummy, this was not there on Wednesday either. The danger is that the infection will go into the blood stream, if this happens then Deborah would not make it, I think that had she not seen a doctor there and then she would not be with them in a couple of days!! The other two also had low temperatures and had lost weight (though this is normal in the first week of life) in ‘normal’┬ácircumstances┬áthese babies would be admitted too, however, Dr Matthews sent them home with strict instructions.
Lucy had come to the hospital  so her and the Mama headed home with the two babies whilst Claire stayed on with Deborah. in the hospital they immediately got her upstairs into the very warm NICU and got a drip into her.
when the babies first arrived the nursing staff explained Kangaroo care to the Mother, this is where the Mother holds the baby skin to skin on her chest, this is so important for the development of premature babies, she is doing this with both babies alternate hours, they also have a hot water bottle and their temperature is now normal.  Roxsan Millar a school friend of claire who is giving us a large donation to help with covering the cost of 24 hour care for the triplets. Thank-you so much for such a generous donation. here is where youi too can helpclick on the Neema house blog site to read, learn, understand or donate to help.

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