Oh No! my premature baby grandson is in neonatal intensive care units

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my grandson is in the neonatal intensive care unit what does this mean ?
There are times when a child faces certain problems while adapting to the circle. A neonatal unit serves as professional and 24 hours a day care unit for children who come into this world either prematurely or sick. Many babies these days are placed into these units for extensive care; therefore, it is not uncommon for a child to be in one of these units. There are various stages for neonatal units as per the child’s requirements.
The various types of these neonatal care units are as follows:
• Care units for excessively sick children.
• Greatly over reliable care units for children who do not require these care units but still need extra care.
• Care Units where exceptional treatment is given to children who face issues regarding maturity and evolution since they are premature babies.  Such children tend to show substantial improvement after this treatment.
Units with developmental care may also be there. Such treatment occurs right before the child is prepared to go back with his parents. In transitional care, the parents themselves look after their baby in the presence of nurse. Some also opt for living in a room with their child on the side of the neonatal word for some time.
Every hospital nowadays has neonatal care units. However, some might not have the proper machines or resources to look after the child in the best possible manner.  In such cases, the newborn must be taken away to a care centre that is far away and well equipped. For some new parents, the thought of handling such a small baby will be very frightening. Having a baby in neonatal care is naturally worrying for some parents but knowing these places and their innumerable advantages would definitely lower stress of parents.

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