Nightmare nothing at grandmas house for the new born baby


Nightmare nothing at grandmas house for the new born baby

what a headache mum grabs the baby bag slips it on the pram handles and rushes over to grandmas house. she gets there for a few hour visit. and what happens next ? baby poo all up her back , mum gets the baby changing bag and no baby clothes in just the nappies and wipes shes forgot to pack it with rushing to catch the bus. The baby sits there with just a blanket grandma has to run upstairs and hunt for a baby grow, fortunately she found one but nothing else to dress baby in . So what does she do as a loving grandma ? she gets a stash of newborn baby goodies in just in case for the next visit. so what items would a grandma need at her house when a baby comes over to visit ? here are the top 6 baby  items recommended by a grandma ……

  • nappies the size that baby is in as the pack gets low ask mum is baby ready for the next size yet ? that way the nappies and also clothes fit ,theres nothing worse than  having a baby grow in a size newborn and baby has grown into a 3-6m size hahahaha .
  • pack sensitive baby wipes, wipes come in handy for everything including sick spillages on your new carpet, grandmas clothes etc.
  • a large soft baby blanket as baby gets bigger he or she can play on the floor on the nice clean blanket kicking and squealing with delight as baby starts to babble.
  • a few bibs always handy in case mums spar eone gets wet with a teething baby.
  • age appropriate baby toys cloth books etc mum can only carry so much for a quick visit to grandmas.
  • travel cot comes In  handy for emergencies when baby needs to night time stay over its  a safe place for baby to play in and grab some blankets for a sleep over up the age of 2 – 3 year old.

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