Newborn babies screaming ! how to bond with my baby

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Newborn babies screaming ! how to bond with my baby

so you are home with your newborn baby a single parent and the baby is screaming you don’t feel like a mum so here’s our top 5 how to tips bonding with your newborn baby.

for someĀ  mums parenting doesn’t come easy the first time round, you read the books but in practise its totally different when it is your own firstborn newborn child.

  1. a warm bath is soothing for babies if baby is relaxed you will be too.slowly sprinle water from the bath over babies tummy see water is gentle and so you have to be too babies can feel your stress and anxiety.Ā relax enjoy bathtime and don’t let anyone tell you how to do it when you are home, gaining confidence in bathing a newborn comes with practise.
  2. skin to skin lie you baby close on your bare skin on your chest the sound of your heart beat with soothe baby and you will feel less tense too.
  3. talking to your baby tell it a tale about when you were little to break the ice in getting used to talking to the little life that belongs to you and is a part of you.
  4. dance with baby on your shoulder to a gentle song or soft Ballard musicĀ .the slight rocking movements will help a crying baby to settle too.
  5. reading a story even if its a made up one baby will love to hear your voice it did after being in the womb for so long and he or she will recognise you because you are its mum after all .

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