new product for preemie babies wows you

new product for preemie babies wows me and you too!

Mini Munchkins® Micro Preemie STAY PUT CROCHET SCRATCH MIT SET 0-1LB Design + Pattern © protected.
We are very pleased to stock a wonderful and exciting new product for premature babies.
We located a unique shop for preemie-newborn babies offering speciality crochet knits.Born to Crochet run by karen Bestwick and sister Zoe from the UK.They are currently working on a new website which in turn will offer these wonderful unique baby clothes.
One of the directors Zoe Pattern designer a mum of 2 preemie babies her self worked hard to create crochet hand knits for tiny micro preemie babies.She found there was nothing available for her own children a few years ago.
She recently created a pattern and produced these new knits that actually work. They stay put on babies so tiny who try as hard as they can in the NICU to remove necessary wires and tubes from the facial area when they dont have scratch mittens on. The thing with scratch mittens in general is they fall off and the nurses will forever put them back on and mums open the incubators and fix them on themselves, only to fall off again.
These don’t I tried one my finger fastened it in place and shook it amazing it stayed on! Only after some force did it shoot off across the room.with the adapted fastener and made from cosy soft acrylic baby wool you wouldn’t believe how much hard work it takes to make one of these very tiny yet a product you just don’t want to be without.
its not very often we come across products that do the job they are ment to but you too will be really impressed when your baby owns one of these sets.
Only available in micro sizes just for premature babies in need.sizes available are 0-1lb,1-2lb,2-3lb.
in blue, pink or white.
comprises of stayput crochet scratch mittens and stayput hat and stayput crochet bootees.
You can purchase them yourself at

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