New Grandparent helping mum get tiny clothes to fit baby

So Mums pregnancy ended early ,mums still on the maternity unit dad is busy running back and forth to the hospital so that leaves you to rush around to get baby smaller sized baby clothes.The ones in mums pregnancy bag for the hospital  are newborn + and are way too big.

Where do you go when the high street only have basics that are still going to be overpowering in size compared to that of your slender grandchild. This is your precious grandchild here why should you all have to put up with wearing hospital handouts? These have been worn by many other babies. You want your grand child to look cute in something you or mum have picked out for your self.Something that can be treasured in a memory keepsake box  with all the other birthday cards and first photos etc creating many good memories of baby’s early days.

This is where the superstore for tiny babies comes in handy.

  1. Every item of clothing in stock for preterm babies.
  2. Made to fit sizes as well as all the basics in trendy colours and scrumptious soft fabrics.
  3. Cheeky Chums take great care to make sure every item sourced from other wholesalers can be safely worn in incubators and if anything is on the larger size it is made smaller by Cheeky Chums own manufacturing team before its sent out.
  4. Nanny Nicu line is specially created for use in the special care baby units, with easy dressing clothes, buttons every where for all the wires and tubes too pass through baby may be monitored with in the incubators.
  5. Snuggies assessories cover items such as socks from 0-2lb in weight – ,providing Tights in delicious pastel shades not just traditional white or pinks cotton hats in funky colours from 12 cm in circumference.
  6. plus lots lots more ,so make it easy on yourself by taking a look what you need by clicking the tab at the top to go shopping.