new baby worry for preemie baby Josie Dugger

 a new worry involving baby josie dugger emerged today. 19 kids and counting parents Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger had to deal with. A new problem affecting baby Josie. Preemie baby joise Dugger at home had to be taken back to hospital.The problem with the baby arose due to additives in the breast milk she was receiving leading to constipation. The constipation distressed baby Josie, and her vital signs dropped, forcing the Duggars to rush her back to the hospital.

Josie Duggar weighed just 1 lb 6 ozs at birth, making her what doctors call a micro-preemie. Born after only 25-weeks in utero, the chances of her survival were slim, but the Duggar family never gave up hope.

Proud daddy, Jim Bob, said that her vital signs were regulating, and she was improving, but doctors will keep her in the hospital for a few more days to make sure she was okay.

There may well be more set backs as she adjusts to life at home instead of the nicu but the strong loving couple pray every day for Gods strength to help them overcome such hurdles.Their faith in God and Christ Jesus plus also leading a debt free lifestyle is an inspiration to a lot of families in raising a larger family.
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