Nervous MUM with Premature twins product success

My name is Lauren Margulies, and I am the founder of Touchy Tags,

I developed Touchy Tags after the premature birth of my twins.  After six weeks in the NICU, I was ready to bring them to the outside world, but I knew I was their last line of defense against germs, which would be dangerous to their immature immune systems.  Like most parents leaving the NICU, I was nervous.

  Touchy Tags have been a favorite in hospital gift shops and NICU.

Touchy Tags are a line of soft, durable, BPA- and phthalate-free car seat and stroller tags that gently ask strangers to be mindful of passing their unwanted germs to babies.  One side states “Are Your Hands Clean,” and the other states “LOVE, not germs.” This is a kind and sensitive way to remind people to not touch a newborn, especially without asking.  They are currently available in pink, blue, and a gender-neutral apple green!  Touchy Tags can fasten to any car seat, stroller, baby carrier and home baby equipment with stylish ribbons.  Each ribbon features a durable sewn-on hook-and-loop closure that allow for easy attachment.  Touchy Tags are fashionable and fun and also serve a well-meaning purpose.

I believe in giving back, so with the completion of an online competition that was hosted on the website, the children’s charity, Christopher’s Haven, won 5% of 2011 profits! 
Touchy Tags have proven to be great add-ons in stores and children’s boutiques.  Touchy Tags have been a favorite in hospital gift shops and NICU.

Touchy Tags are fresh, current, trendy, and adorable.  They would be great addition for your baby visit the website now here is the link