Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh?

Neonatal,premature baby, nicu eh? here in the uk we often get asked 2 questions. What is the neonatal care ? and what is the nicu ?.
often babies arrive unexpected under 37 weeks gestation is classed as premature. A very tiny premature baby may need assistance in breathing and other assisted urgent procedures to keep baby in a stable condition.Depending how sick a baby is detemines which neonatal care unit it will be looked after in at the hospital.

Often your local hospital may not have the necessary equipment or spare cots even to take over the care of your baby so it may be necessary to taken of to the nearest hospital that can.The immediate transfer from one hospital to another with the sickest of babies is known in some areas of the uk by acute neonatal transport service or neonatal transfer servce.
Some hospitals only offer HD high dependancy care but the babies in need of one to one care by a nurse may also need (nicu) a neonatal intensive care unit.
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