Neonatal baby clothes specialist expands

Finding a Neonatal Baby Clothes + Specialist Shop for sick newborn and premature babies.

Did you know Cheeky Chums premature baby superstore is online to make shopping for premature baby clothes easier for hectic parents.Parents who need to spend quality time at the hospital with baby than driving around literally hunting for specialist clothes and equipment for their baby being cared for in the neonatal intensive care units.

Cheeky Chums will now be expanding as a fully neonatal specialist superstore to cater for more specialist products for the sickest newborns and premature babies.

A lot of these products are not for baby shop sellers or premature baby shops or ebay retailors.But for healthcare professionals such as us.Most of these new products are for sole use for your baby only in the NICU SCBU WARDS and Hospital use.We do not recommend that you sell them on afterwards,donate them,hand them down to family members or use for your own children as toys due to the sole health and safety aspect for your baby only.

There are some wonderful new baby clothes and products in the pipeline for tiny preemie babies. Pay us a visit we welcome your comments too bad or good!

Enjoy browsing the safe site for babies in need from Mrs S Sudlow Proprietor (N.N.E.B,D32+D33 Assessor baby and under 8 professional at Cheeky Chums )

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