Nanny Nicu. what’s next for June,preemie babies in NICU +SCBU

Nanny Nicu what’s next for June,preemie babies in NICU +SCBU!
What a hectic year at Cheeky Chums and its only the end of may.
We have learn’t lessons on how a chain in the baby clothes sector can cause delays all round just like a chain in the housing market.
After an eager await on the new lines for April which should have been in stock by then the latest news is sewing these beautiful premium range for Nanny Nicu has commenced.A loving touch has started by focusing on embroided motifs to finish and decorate the brightest of fabrics.these should be the first sets to arrive.
This hand made clothing range for prem babies are a predicted hot seller they offer a new Trendy girls clothing section just for tiny babies and include the ladybugs and sugar and spice.
Vest sets for incubators will be added each week onwards the first lucious colour to come in is sunshine lemon.
READ THIS Squeals of delight When you buy from this tiny newborn baby clothes shop !

full preemie baby clothes shopping needs in delicious colours at

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