Nanny Nicu Hot success for special babies

well would you believe Our new product for premature ,poorly and sick babies in the nicu.and in less than a week we sold out of 2 colours and stocks are low on another colour, we cannot get them out to our customers fast enough.Cheeky Chums appologies but we do not want to rush out your named baby’s laundry bags too. If you can ring us with your baby’s name all the better as we have to contact you to make sure all names are correctly spelt before being sent out to you. Allow one extra delivery day for Nanny Nicu sets.orders are depatched in order of arrival but on the sad occasssion a baby burial outfit may have to come a top priority due to the funeral service for the customer. we appologise for any delay this may cause you should this arrise for your order.Christmas deliveries are posted as normal but the Royal mail are going on strike again at Christmas so this could cause your order to be delayed.this is out of our control. so sorry all thew best Cheeky Chums the premature baby store an more.

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