Nannu Nicu 1st birthday, neonatal for neonates

Well November finally coming to an end where has this year gone. Guess what we celebrate Nanny Nicu (neonatal baby clothes range) 1st birthday a year after it was launched.To celebrate we have started to introduce harmonzing colours to the ever increasing Nanny Nicu series.What do the new colourways mean for your baby. Well for neonates otherwise known as premature or tiny babies they can be dressed in Warm , Exciting colours,Wholesome Casual shades.Smart and Conservative colours,Earth friendly down to earth tones,Sugar and spice and all things nice mix and match pastels,Plus calming,retro and sophisticated blends. Clothing fabrics will not deter from the top quality soft cottons and cotton mixture textures that they are already made from. Offering clothes for your children with the very best in comfort and style too. Nanny Nicu offers One of the Top premature baby clothing Brands for tiny baby bodies needing extra care.Designed by Neonatal and baby specialists created with care.Made in relation to more realistic body sizes than some other premature brands available You can find Nanny Nicu to buy at Cheeky Chums.Please note due to popluar requests the plans for putting Nanny Nicu into high st shops will be put on hold this year whilst the new colour range is put into place.find them here or

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