My world has collapsed my baby died family wont speak to me

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October.

This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now

As baby loss awareness draws to and end today we want to leave you with food for thought.As a baby bereavement specialist one issue that comes up time and time again is family and friends ignoring the parents after loss. Don’t get me wrong some family and friends are very supportive but what happens due to the shock is awkwardness in not knowing what to say. the excitement of a new baby gone.What to do with the gifts that had been collected for the new baby by grandparents.

Staying away from the family is not the answer in fact it causes more hurt as the parent’s feel no one cares.The phone calls stop the text messages saying “hiya” stop so the family feel embarrassed, and feel they have been shunned by the closest ones to them.

yes the hurt is too much to bear but as family member or neighbour even you need to offer support.

You need to acknowledge their loss and help them keep treasured memories even if baby did only survive for as short while.

Here is  Short poem of a mum’s feelings after her friend lost her baby 6 weeks after her own son was born.

What no way how did it happen I remember the news to this day.

My baby was ok will he die too what do I say what do I do.

A look, a stare a quick glance as I crossed the road,So our paths wouldn’t cross I would do anything to avoid,her arms were now empty of her baby boy Oh please don’t let her see me as I sneak past with the pram,I just cant bring my self to say How sorry I am.

wearing  a pink and blue ribbon today in memory of all babies that have passed away. xxx little babies from all the staff at Cheeky Chums

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