Pregnant belly growing baby in womb growth 13-16 weeks pregnancy

My Pregnant belly is growing baby in womb growth 13-16 weeks

This week we are looking at your most popular questions on pregnancy week by week. The delivery of premature babies at different gestational ages and the possible  viability of these tiny babies. from 11-14 weeks mum to be usually has a first ultra sound scan to determine the date baby is due.Other tests and tests via bloods taken are done to detect any birth defects or abnormalities.

The growing baby from 13 weeks to 16 weeks grows rapidly in size now.the placenta takes on the complete role of  your baby’s complete life support system. Nourishing  baby, it also produces hormones that support the pregnancy throughout. Mum to be will be tired more as baby grows inside the womb.The baby bump will start to appear and mum may find some clothes don’t fit the same around the increasing waistline.On a sad note If baby was to be born at 16 weeks it can come out breathing but is too tiny to survive at this early stage of a pregnancy the hospital class this as a miscarriage if baby was to be born this early and baby would pass away shortly after.

see this pregnancy calendar babies 13-16 weeks gestation


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