My Baby Stop Screaming ! can’t cope with babies


My Baby Stop Screaming ! cant cope with babies

Dear Cheeky Chums what can I do my baby wont stop screaming he is 10 days old Help me I can’t cope I haven’t told any one.

The first thing you do is talk, being a first time parent doesn’t always come easy .Being a parent of a newborn doesn’t come with a baby manual that you follow, as each baby is different and a baby can also pick up on stressed mum struggling to cope. As a single parent talk to a midwife, health visitor or your own parent. They can help you and if a health professional suspects post natal depression they can give you the correct medical advice and support what to do next.

If you feeling overwhelmed by it all. Take a step back and look at what a baby’s basic needs are first. Are you meeting baby’s needs being clean and dry ,Food, Warmth,rest and sleep, cuddle time in a secure, safe environment to bring baby up.

Then You! are you getting enough food ,rest and sleep etc Staying up watching TV till late then hoping baby will sleep though all night is a no no,a newborn baby is too young and needs a routine, these will soon settle down and as you get used to the differences in your baby’s cries, how you plan your day for both you and your little one. As baby gets older you will start to become more confident in looking after a baby that has settled into a good routine.More on this topic next week getting into a routine for baby.


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