my baby died at birth who can I talk to ?

This week is pregnancy stillborn and miscarriage awareness week 9th-15th October.

This blog post contains sensitive information on pregnancy loss and baby deaths if this blog post is likely to cause you any upset please press your back button now.

my baby died at birth who can I talk to ?

If you stay at home and have the internet a lot of mums and dads are finding comfort talking to other parents who ave lost their babies. Facebook has a huge following with lots of different groups and pages you can add a comment to, to start a conversation about baby loss. You wont be excluded ,you wont be pressurized into sharing too much detail unless you want to.many parenst find talking about their little one so much easier than bottling up feelings and taking the hurt out onto the closet family member .

Here are some groups you can take a look at .Read the comments from other families first if you don’t know what to say then add your own when you feel ready to do so.Lots of mums have even opened their own group,started a charity in aid of their baby hospital that helped them so much or join one yourself to become more involved. Todays tip! Don’t hide grief by keeping feelings to yourself it will not comfort you any easier and aid your healing in the long term.

in Honour of all babies gone forever  Babies miscarried, stillborn, or lossed

for our stillborn angels gone but not forgotten

Grieving families  we lost our babies

Angel babies memories our our little ones

Miscarriage support More than one miscarriage

sleeping angels unite support and a welcome chat baby bereavement

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