mum threat to boil 5 day old newborn baby

Mum threat to boil 5 day old newborn baby.What a shocking statement!
very worrying and maybe you are wondering why anyone would kill their own child unless they have postnatal depression.
Imagine going into hospital to have your new baby and finding out whlist you have been away your husband has been having an affair with the next door neighbour.An act of love jelousy perhaps,recent news headlines are reporting that sometimes when parents break up it becomes too much for them and they want to commit suicide.The thing is they get into such a paranoid state,stressed, depressed even that they take or attempt to take the children with them.
Fact 1 dad shoots own 2 children had no criminal record but wife filed for divorse twice he then killed himself USA .
fact 2 dad stabs own 2 children then himself, divorsed wife finds them USA.
Fact 3 dad gasses his 2 girls divorsed wife doesn’t get to save them UK.
Fact 4.Mum throws child from balcony and lives then jumps herself because she could not get a place at a school she wanted to send her China.
fact 5 Mother feeds disabled child tablets to end misery then fails to end her own life by suicide she wanted her child to go to a better place USA.
Fact 6 Mum throttles her 2 kids one survives then kills herself,an affair by the mother cannot not be ruled out as a reason for her doing such a dreadful act India.

Although the title of this blog is fictional we have brought such a topic to light so you can be aware of problems that can arrise during a marriage or relationshop break up Occassions like these are rare but it does make you think doesnt it?. You need to think outside the box,if you are involved in a break up,think about the kids, the family at such a bad time. You may need advice from a doctor or specialist if you get into a depressed state please don’t suffer in silence. Tell someone a burden shared is a burden halved.Here are a few links that can help

keep your chin up relationship break ups do get better in time,meet friends, get involved with activities away from work to help you relax and if children are involved try to put them first and foremost not yourself. from

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