mum manages a smile as baby in NICU is settled

Your baby is in the NICU and you are worried sick. You feel helpless as you watch the nurses take you aside whilst baby has vital treatment and medicines pumped into tiny arms or blood tests taken.
You watch and stare holding back the tears as your tiny little one would love to get much needed rest, but has to put up with nurses, doctors monitoring nearly every move.
Then as a mum you manage a smile as your baby in the NICU is settled for now!
What you eagerily await for is the time for cuddles, feeding baby your self with the bottle or breast and once this is established fully the nurses say baby can come home if everything else is ok.
Inside the womb your baby will have developed slowly until full time gestation.
Once out of the womb early, some skills still need to be learned. One important one is the sucking relfex.The one that makes your baby take feeds well.
How can you as a mum help baby develop this skill whilst in the nicu?
Easily, when baby has a NICU soother, Dummy or pacifier as some countries call it.
Why is such a product valuable? well every picture tells a tale. You would much rather see baby settled well, sleeping easier and taking slow and steady feed trials wouldn’t you.
The transition from dummy to feeding can be made easier with a dummy.
When baby has to undergo routine tests and is disturbed you will feel very emotional during this time and this is also when the Nicu dummy can come into play.It helps to settle baby until these tests are finished.look at the pictures below of these babies in the nicu and the ones with dummies to see the difference.

So where can you send your partner or husband to buy these hard to locate dummies in tiny sizes well in all the tiny baby varieties in plentiful supply at dont delay order yours today to help your baby feel just that little more settled under the circumstances.

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