Multiple pregnancy quads! baby product planning

This weeks blog posts feature multiple pregancies. Today we look at planning the baby products you need for quad babies.

So you are pregnant with quads and half way through your pregnancy you are confined to bedrest. You havent started shopping so what can you do? You want to be involved with picking things out for the babies but if you left your partner or husband out alone he may come back with the wrong baby products.

Shop online together.

I am putting this blog post togtether for you and after scouring the net for the best buy products for your growing families needs I have taken the hardest tiring work from you so you can find what you need easily with no fuss.

What product can you get away with without buying 4 of straight away.4 Large cots

 Use just one!

 put all babies togther side by side for sleeping.They will feel cosier together in one cot laid side by side.Why not ? they have been together all snuggled up close in the womb for7 or so months.  Plus as each baby will likely to be smaller than newborn babies, so will have the chance to stay longer together in one cot before you seperate them.

buy 2 Baby carriers  the Weego twin baby carrier for twins allows both you and your partner or another adult to carry babies around with you without using apram handy for unsettled babies as they can be carried close to you yet leaving you with your arms free to do house work or feeding preparation chores.

here is a guide for buying prams for multiples read this too.

recommended products for quads as they get older….

premature baby clothes for multiples can also be found in every tiny baby sizs and for multiples at

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