Moses baskets for baby all you need to know in 11 answers

Baby Moses baskets all you need to know in 11 answers

there are many pros and cons to consider when choosing a Moses basket for your are some pitfalls first

  • They can only be used for a few months as baby outgrows one easily approx 4 months old.
  • wicker ones can have sharp edges that need repairing if handed down for other babies to use.If using a 2nd hand one it should have a new Moses basket mattress for the health, safety and well being of your baby.
  • the hassle of taking it up and down stairs daily if baby has not upstairs sleeping arrangements as well.
  • Keep cats away from baby they love to sleep in a crib as they are cosy and confined and are a danger to a baby when sleeping.

Good points

  • cheaper than a crib or rocking cradle.
  • light and airy.
  • Some come complete with bedding saving costs.
  • Can be used on the floor or with a stand.
  • Can you buy them online ? yes here are a few online baby shops that have a wide  just4baby   moses basket outlet  baby mattresses and moses basket shop    elegant baby
  • Do some moses baskets com,e without fancy bedding? Yes .Thick quilts can look appealing and cute but remember to cover your baby with thin sheets and blankets rather than an extra thick quilt use the no higher than baby’s shoulder rule for applying too many layers and tog levels in cots cribs and moses baskets.
  • Are the safety risks for baby’s sleeping in moses baskets cots and cribs in the first year relating to cot deaths yes? for the risk of SIDS see the FIDS website for the latest recommendations for baby sleep patterns and risks


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