Miscarriages Baby Loss Private option cremation service


Miscarriages Baby Loss Private option cremation service.

This blog post look at the sad topic of miscarriages and baby loss if it is likely to cause any upset please press your back button now.

With recent scandals of baby loss ashes going missing or not returned to  families and in particular in Scotland an audit and a public inquiry as been suggested to officials.In 31 cases, or 1.3%, there was no clear instruction given to officials, or they have been unable to locate the paper records, the audit found you can read the news story here.

Some families have been leaving the hospital to sort out a public funeral service with other babies as these are often free with the exception that the ashes are spread all together with other baby’s remains.Some hospitals can do a joint service in which babies bodies are buried together, but putting private headstones with babies names would not always be possible due to the amount of babies in one area and a lack of space.

That is where a private cremation service can be organized by the family. we have written an in depth article on what to do here for those of you who would like the privacy respected and prefer to have babys cremation remains collected in person by a family member instead or an funeral director /undertaker taking over.

As prices for baby urns for a cremation can be expensive here in the Uk we priced them at £115.00 alone we now stock an affordable baby funeral urn with prices starting from only £12.99 you can see them for sale here on our early baby bereavement website here

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