Miscarriage ! will I loose my baby like Kelly Brooks

In the news Kelly Brooks had a miscarriage when was published worldwide. As a celebrity is in the limelight it does have mums to be worrying if they too will have  a miscarriage. There have been a few celebrities quite recently who have lost their baby into the first -end part of the 2nd -3rd trimester. Stars such as Lily Allen,Amanda Holden.It is rare to have a mid term to late misscarriage and sometimes there are medical reasons that can only be found out after a 2nd miscarriage such as an incompetent cervix.Miscarriages are more common up to the 12th week into pregnancy.

Professor Lesley Regan from St Mary’s Hospital, London,had this to say… 

“One of the many reasons is that miscarriages arise more frequently with age and many women these days are having their babies later in life.

There could also be a question around nutrition when it comes to celebrities actresses and models who are always dieting because they need to look perfect.

An Early miscarriage (before 13 weeks) are usually due to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo. A late miscarriages can be caused by anatomical problems with the uterus and cervix, infections or blood-clotting disorders.(extract taken from top news online)

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