micro preemie baby in nicu,and new nicu clothing range

After the successful launch of Nanny Nicu clothing range for premature babies in November 2008 the range increased to offer more vibrant colours in 2009.In february 2010 a new range will be added to the Nanny nicu series to cater for more teeny tiny premature babies.New styles have been researched ,designed to offer more flexiblity for parents ordering preemie baby clothes, giving even more choices to worried families with micro sized preemie babies.One new arrival for baby boys due in this week earlier than expected is BRUMM BRUMM NICU SHIRT Nanny Nicu Micro premature boys Nicu vest set ANY TINY SIZE FROM 6 INCHES
Nanny Nicu Micro premature boys Nicu vest set BRUMM BRUMM
ANY TINY SIZE FROM 6 INCHES.WOW our research team have brought in a new line of clothing for micro sized tiny babies for February 2010..Clothing designed for the “all arms and legs” micro premature baby with slimmer fittings.creation designed by Cheeky Chums.
Nicu vest/ shirt sets you get to choose the size you need most, in cm or inches from shoulder to rump.(little bum)superb for babies under a certain weight and you are trying to define should I get 0-3lb or 0-2lb,0.5lb the mind boggles for tiny sizes this way by choosing the length makes it much easier on you. Deciding which premature size will fit best without it looking too baggy on your baby.
Designed with minimum seams for maximum comfort.
100% stretch, cotton print fabric, brumm brumm just like daddy’s car.
Plus new feature you can also choose velcro or popper fasteners.
see them this week at http://cheekychumsonline.co.uk the whole Nanny Nicu range can also be found here

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