My message is Don’t ignore Me! Newborn Baby died at birth

This evening comes with sad news.For all the angel mummies out there trying to get across to people DON’T IGNORE ME!  When a mum gives birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl its such a joyful occassion. When it doesn’t go to plan and baby is born stillborn or dies shortly after birth  its different thing altogether. as a member of lots of support groups  here is a message that mums who have lost their little ones want to protray to you! a family member! or friend.

“MISCARRIAGE,NEONATAL DEATH,EPTOPIC PREGNANCY,SIDS,STILLBIRTH …….. The list goes on!!! Nobody WANTS to hear about it but the fact of it is that everyone NEEDS to hear it!!!! It happens EVERYDAY! It happened to me & tomorrow it could happen to you!!!……. REPOST & give these babies a voice!!

Plus poems… Something to think about !

You held my hand as a child we ran off and played together nearly every day,I lost my baby 6 weeks  today And ive never known  you to stay away, A phone call, a letter a card will do, something to say that I still love you.

I buried my baby at the funeral plot,my mum my dad was there but not a lot. Where was my aunty, my cousin my friend Sue,I sent them them an invite I know they all knew.My neighbour said maybe they forgot!

What anger what pain its such a shame I feel Im to blame.I sit all alone and cry myself to sleep,my baby just died and I feel like im lost I dont see an end oh just a shoulder to cry on especially a friend. 


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