Mccanns Guilty am I leaving toddler alone on holiday safety

Copy of bigstockphoto_Cute_Baby_Boy_With_Wild_Hair_2300848Mccanns Guilty am I leaving toddler alone on holiday ?

Dear Cheeky Chums I know there was a lot of rumours that its the mcanns fault the girl went missing because they left their kids alone. but will I be guilty if I left my 2 year old alone on holiday in the hotel room just to go in the lounge for a drink or two ? it will be on the 3rd floor not too far away ?



here are our top 5 tips on holidaying with children

  • If you plan on going on holiday go with friends or relatives and their kids too, that way you take it in turns to go out as a couple and the other family watches the children.
  • find a holiday resort where children are welcome in the ballroom they can dance the night away then you’ll find they will sleep better being entertained.
  • some facilities have child minding facilities use them attached to the holiday site.
  • never leave children unsupervised near a swimming pool even if you are on the sun loungers nearbye, accidents happen.
  • making new friends on holiday never be tempted to leave your children with the new friends / strangers whilst you go off somewhere.


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