Am I mad should my pregnant body look like this?

This months topic covers pregnancy. today we look at how the body changes as baby grows in mums tum.

  • frequent trips to the loo as the uterus presses on the bladder as baby grows inside.
  • a glowing complection  yet at first skin may be blotchy as the hormones kick in .
  • Stretch marks and there is no cream that can make them stop I’m afraid.
  • Weight gain although some mums may be fortunate and only get a baby bump.
  • Feeling faint in long supermarket checkout queues.As your bump gets bigger you may find eating smaller more regular meals helps as your blood sugar levels can go down.
  • Tiredness,nausea due to morning sickness which usually passes. Occasionally Some mums cannot keep anything down and can last a long time even ending up on a drip to keep fluid intake up.
  • hair may seem thinner,teeth need a softer brush if bleeding occurs. see your dentist to keep an eye on things make sure they are aware of your pregnancy.
  • Heart and lungs have more work to do in pregnancy so don’t do too much over exercise if you are a lover of going to the gym running etc .
  • You may want to keep working until the end of pregnancy but avoid stressful jobs and let your body tell you when enough is enough.
  • swollen hands and feet the midwife will keep an eye in case high blood pressure is suspected but otherwise quite common in pregnancy too. 

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