long term outcomes premature baby at home on oxygen

394314_429610633741732_716125495_aLong term outcomes a premature baby at home on oxygen

continuing our series of blog posts this week on the long term care outcomes for premature babies,today we look at the premature baby being sent home on oxygen.

On rare occasions a premature baby will be sent home on oxygen assistance.You may be shocked at the thought of how can my baby be sent home with a scary oxygen tube and a gas tank of air?

In fact some mums buy baby slings that can fit oxygen tanks on their back as well as carrying their premature baby at the same time.

The time will have come that your baby will have made such progress that the only thing left to achieve is no oxygen assistance at all. If baby is growing feeding well and gaining weight The nursing staff will fill you in on instructions how much to give how to get replacements, when to wean baby off oxygen and so on.

By the time you are at home you will be so used to it you will be as competent in using it as the Nicu staff in a matter of no time.Bliss have published a great resource on going home on oxygen that can be found here

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