kids R little adult helpers.

What will you let your child do?
Do you think a child of 14 is too young to make toast?
Do you think a child of 10 is too young to cross the road alone?
After spotting in todays news how 2 children as young as 9 and 11 helped to deliver a baby, whilst talking to the 911 lady one the other end of a phone,sparked the reason for today’s blog.
What I am finding with this generation of children is they don’t like to take on responsibilty if they can get their parents to do it for them.
Teens ask mums do their washing,go to loacl shop for them,get us a drink, and if asked later on in life to try something new, they moan and they groan.
Some Parents need to realize you cannot mother your children for far too long. They need to learn by example.
From an early age as possible do baking with them, teach them where they live, in case of emergencys tell them how to make an urgent 999 or 911 call and you will be surpised that what they can do for them selves.Buttering toast, putting the washing on from an early age is not making them into slaves, its about working together as a family. Children gain an insight about life skills valuable for use later on as adults.My 5 year old grandaughter can press and operate herself a microwave to help her Nanna with the cooking.She now needs little assistance and with adult supervision and guidance on safety of course she is turning into a lovely little helper… from sheila at the premature baby clothes superstore

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