kiddies take a sneak peak preemie baby josie dugger

We have been following the progress of Michelle Dugger and 18 kids and counting tv series.Then out popped baby Josie, number 19, born premature at 1lb 6 oz.
If you love to read news about the Dugger family take a look at this recent picture we found of her and on how the Dugger children get to see their baby sister. Every night Jim Bob daddy dugger records photos on his phone and sends pictures back home to the rest of the family. Eager to see and know more about baby josie’s progress the world congratulated the family on having such an extra large family brood,a well structed home with the patter of so many tiny feet around the place How does mum Michelle keep it so clean? As you can see in the picture she is gaining weight nicely look at the size of her little rounded tummy.Older son Josh’s own baby daugher will be 4 months old now she too looks like the dugger children too well she is their Aunty after all.Josh has his own family website you can see it here for premature baby clothes for use in the neonatal care units visit our main website here at

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