keeping premature babies warm over Winter once home

cropped-393044_474720989230696_1001588634_n.jpgkeeping premature babies warm over Winter once home from the Nicu.

here are 5 warm outfit ideas to keep your tiny baby cosy yet not too over heated once he or she has been released from hospital.

  • Velour baby grows for girls in Pinks whites boys shades in premature baby grows choose blues lemons creams shades a velour fabric is like soft velvet you can put premature babies in them as they are really soft to the touch, there are different thicknesses and Cheeky Chums has all types basic ones start from only 6.50 each and the thickest are priced at 9.99.
  • warm winter cardigans for premature babies.Cheeky Chums have many designs to add over a baby grow or outfit for maximum warmth.Its much safer for baby to have a few different layers on than wearing one extra thick outfit such as the thicker fleece clothes. Some shops try to sell you these,they are often way to big too and made from poor quality fleece fabrics .
  • Cosy booties for premature baby boys come in pastel shades add over a pair of socks for added comfort to your baby’s toes.girls little shoes come in pinks,white and pinks and creams
  • soft acrylic wool hats are great compared to pure wool which can often cause itchy rashes if baby is allergic to them, the manufacturers make the acrylic version so much brighter in colours too.All types of premature sized bonnets,hats,helmet types in stock at Cheeky Chums suitable for outdoor use when visiting family and friends over the Christmas period.
  • premature baby tights well the best range for choices in premature sized tights are located at Cheeky Chums instead of socks baby girls can feel the benefit wearing thicker warm ones,shimmy pontelle(cotton) tights, fancy lace tights too which covers the whole leg.
  • see all the warm winter range here at

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