Invasive tests in pregnancy do I have to have tests can I say no!

Invasive tests in pregnancy do I have to have these tests can I say no?

these tests are invasive and carry a risk of miscarriage.What do they involve? These are diagnostic tests that are performed to examine the chromosomes of the baby.Women in high risk pregnancies for Down’s syndrome could have a DNA blood test to detect these types of health disorders. INVASIVE TESTS involve an Amniocentesis or CVS if you feel pressurized,you can say NO to these tests and let nature decide.If results revealed  a poor prognosis  an abortion will be offered as women are often put under pressure to do these quickly before 24 weeks gestation.

Amniocentesis- A needle is passed through the wall of the pregnant mum to be directly into the amniotic fluid this fluid is then tested for fetal anomalies from cells produced by the baby.Miscarriages can happen

 chorionic villus sampling tests in pregnancy –

Tissue is obtained by passing a catheter through the cervix into the placenta.this test is to obtain fetal cells for the prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities.miscarriages can happen.

Cordocentes tests in pregnancy -fetal Blood sampling taken from the babys cord in the womb to test for infections and fetal anomalies.A higher risk of miscarriage from this test can happen.

 inhibin A- if this part of the test is elevated then it indicates the pregnancy could have a baby that has downs syndrome.An Amniocentesis is offered to the pregnant woman,its a more invasive test that can cause a miscarriage, you do not have to this test. if you want to keep the baby you still do not have to have this test done.As on a positive diagnosis following an amniocentesis some health practitioners would then persuade parents into aborting the baby before 24 weeks gestation..tests are not 100 percent accurate and you can say NO!

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