infections in the nicu this product can help baby

we felt it very important to share some news with you to help combat infections which are closing nicu /scbu wards for premature babies and sick newborn babies. here are some facts
hospital 1.
Neonatal unit remains closed after fatal infection.Hospital have also tested positive for the potentially fatal microbe serratia.
“This bacteria is not terribly uncommon so we don’t know yet whether the other babies who are colonized have the same serratia as the baby that was infected,”
hospital 2.
Neonatal ward sealed off after baby dies in bacteria outbreak
A baby has died and seven others have been put into isolation after a deadly bacteria found its way into a hospital’s neonatal unit.

hospital 3

Baby ward hit by fatal infection

The hospital says the ward has closed as a precaution
A hospital has temporarily closed its neo-natal unit to premature babies after a baby died and another suffered a potentially fatal infection.
A pre-term baby developed an infection from aspergillus, a common airborne fungus, and died.
hospital 4
We report an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in neonates, affecting 11 newborn babies. The case fatality rate is currently 27%. The outbreak has been confirmed by detection of Legionella pneumophila antigen in eight of the 11 cases. Tests are in progress to determine the source of infection.
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