I’m Pregnant,pregnancy,symptoms myths and facts

 I am Pregnant ? Please Tell Me I ‘m Expecting A Baby,pregnancy Know the myths and facts!

1. A  pregnancy test kit that shows possitve can never be a negative but a negative can sometimes mean a possitive.


2.Confirmation of a pregnancy via a blood test at the hospital, reveals homones which are secreted during a pregnancy.

There are two types of pregnancy tests. One tests the blood for the pregnancy hormone, HCG You need to see a doctor to have a blood test. The other checks the urine for the hCG hormone. You can do a urine test at a doctor’s office or at home with a home pregnancy test (HPT).

These days, many women first use an HPT to find out if they are pregnant. HPTs are inexpensive, private, and easy to use. HPTs also are highly accurate if used correctly and at the right time. HPTs will be able to tell if you’re pregnant about one week after a missed New tests on the market can now tell if you are pregnant a few days before a missed period. 


3.I keep eating apples up to 6 a day my nan says I’m pregnant could I be I only slept with my boyfriend once over a year ago?

No not unless you have been having unprotected sexual intercource with your partner this is a myth.Although some mums to be do experience cravings for certain foods once a pregnancy is progressing.Plus a pregnancy only lasts 9 months and over a year ago sex shows that you are not in an active sexual relationship for a pregnancy to occur.


4.My boyfrend kisses me every night before I go home I am pregnant now I cant stop thinking about him although we have never slept together.

unly intimate sex can concieve a child this is a myth.


 I had a scan twice and they said there is a baby I dont believe it I only had sex the once  have they made a mistake they gave me a due date? I dont feel pregnant ?

A scan confirms a 2/3d dimention of a fetus growing inside the womb It is a myth to think first time sex doesn’t result in a pregnancy because it can as your scan shows you have to be prepared this  will happen  the scan also reveals due dates and baby’s body measurements which are very acurate as you baby grows each month.


I missed my period, I feel sick in the morning I have been having unprotected sex with my husband could I be pregnant ?

Yes you could be a missed period is usually a sign of pregnancy with whats called morning sickness although sickness can happen throughout any time of the day. A pregnancy test can confirm for sure if you are worried.

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