I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby


I’m pregnant what’s a birth plan having a baby

So you are pregnant congratulations in a few months me you will be having a baby in your life.When you have had your first midwife visit you may want to think about a birth plan.you may have been trying so long to have baby that you know what you want and where already so you can tell the midwives your plans as you go along for your next antenatal visits.

what is a birth plan?

some written notes that the delivery team can respect and know your wants desires and concerns when you give birth to your baby.The notes are about you ….where you would like to deliver your baby, which hospital or at home if possible. What pain relief you prefer or don’t want .who you want  as your birthing partners.your husband or partner may be working overseas so you may opt for your mum or close friend or a neighbour these can be noted down for reference . because labour takes a long time especially for a first time pregnant mum a midwife may swap shifts so each midwife can see in your notes your birth plan.  all the team should then work to the same standards of care for you and the safe arrival of your baby.You may want to add notes such as my partner cuts the cord, please lay my baby on my chest at delivery .please can i have one extra day rest in hospital before  going home.

important notes on writing  a birth plan.

  • you can’t have visitors any time you want to so the hospital will tell you who and when visitors can call you can’t have loads  people in the delivery suite  at the time of birth because of health and safety reasons and a lack of space.
  • you may need to change the pain relief method half way through the labour, you may feel you need something stronger and cannot cope after opting in  your birth plan a natural birth with no pain relief at all.
  • In an emergency baby may need to be delivered by a  c section.you may want to avoid this at all costs but sometimes baby needs to be delivered quickly if it becomes too tired or isn’t doing too well with labour pains.




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