I’m Pregnant follow my Pregnancy progress up to end May 2013

Hi all a new and exciting drama is about to enfold over the next coming months. One mums pregnancy progress from trying for a baby until she gives birth and we have been given full access to it. To give you the news as the pregnancy goes on. Due to the early stages of this lady’s pregnancy she has requested she be known as Mrs P.

At the moment she has just reached 8 weeks 6 days into her pregnancy and we will have photographs of the growing baby bump for you all to see.

We feel very thrilled to take part and will give you the very latest news as it happens. follow our blog so you can keep a check of the pregnancy as it progresses. You can take part with your views, ask a question and a competition if your own baby is due the same day as hers. The baby is due 27th May 2013. check back soon for more news on this story of Mrs P and her pregnancy  progress here only at Cheeky Chums.

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