Id better get rid of this baby growing inside me

After reading todays blog post you may never want to read another blog post from our site. We understand this as this difficult topic today is very distressing but factual .It is not often spoken about,Its  is not something you want to think about, you may not want to tackle or come to terms with it in the real world. It does happen and you or someone you know of may have been in this situation.Todays topic looks at abortion.Abortion is the terminating or ending of a pregnancy before full term.

The following sites are upsetting, graphic and will shock and leave alasting impression on you please press your back button now to leave this site if it is going to offend you to the extreeme.

It is supposed to as so many pregnant women or young women dread the thought of giving birth or find they have no choice so book in to have  an abortion. What happens in an abortion ? can you walk away with no pain after wards lets take an indepth look.

Q1.Im 10 weeks pregnant and want to have an abortion what will happen do I take a tablet and it dissolves the fetus so it dissapears.

Medication before 9 weeks.

It isn’t¬† a straight forward case of going once to the clinic and getting on with your life the day after as the baby dissolves.There is much more to an abortion than many health professionals tell you in case you are squemish.

You build up the courage to go and feel apprehensive. You are given some medication to stop a hormone . Another appointment a few days later you have to go through the trauma of expulsion of the baby and contents from inside the womb.

A pessary is inserted into the vagina then a few hours later bleeding and stomach cramps start.The young fetus is aborted in around 95 % of the time.An Mva or D and C may be required meaning a follow up appointment to see if it has worked. Even more pressure is put on you as you wait to see If it hasnt and you need an Mva to try next.

Side effects when using this method are caused by the second medication, misoprostol. Side-effects could include heavy bleeding, headache,  vomiting, and heavy  stomach cramps.

Manual Vacum Aspiration MVA is an handheld syringe.It works by creating its own vacuum/suction. The major problem with the MVA is that it has a very weak vacuum. This means that the child is ripped apart slowly.

The blog of jelly growing in side of you if terminations happen usually 6-14 weeks into a pregnancy Well just take a look at this then. Here are photographs of fetus removed from the womb in the early stages of pregnancy by Abortion method.

Watch this clip of a fetus growing in the womb .

Tomorrow Abortions after 14 weeks.

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